The Role Of The Preschool Educator

Panda understands the importance of the early years in achild’s development. Consistency and continuity of care, by way of primary caregivers,enhances support to the developmental appropriateness of an early childhood program.This consistency and continuity develops secure and trustworthy relationships betweenparents, children, and staff. Therefore, we implement the primary caregiver system and theforming of consistence groups within the rooms.

Panda staff interact in child’s play following the child’s lead, at the same time ensuring supervision of allchildren in the room at all times. They engage in many one-to-one, face-to-face interactionswith the children, speaking in a pleasant, soothing voice, using simple language (based onthe age of the children) and frequent eye contact. All interactions are characterized bygentle, supportive responses.

Children’s play interests are respected. All activities within activity centres are selected,directed, and ended by the children. Adults observe the children’s activities and offeradditional ideas for play, encouraging the children’s engagement in the activity. Activitycentres are open at all times. Panda staff are responsible for determining the contents of thecentres and evaluating the usage of each centre, rearranging and replacing the equipmentand materials in each centre for further learning experiences. Activity centres are designedto promote the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of development.

Language is a vital,lively form of communication. Panda staff – on an ongoing basis – talk with, sing to, and read to children. Children are praised for theiraccomplishments and helped to feel increasingly competent. Children and theirparents/guardians are greeted warmly and with enthusiasm each morning.

By encouraging each child’s self respect and respect for others, our primary staff help thechildren develop self-control and sensitivity in their interactions with others.

Guiding children’s behaviour is an important part of each primary staff member’s role andone that takes place continually throughout the day. Appropriate behaviour managementmethods guide the children’s behaviour while protecting and enhancing their self-esteem.Panda staff use preventative and intervention strategies. They model the types of interactions withothers that they want children to develop.

The Out of School supervisor has developed a program to meet the needs of children six to 10years of age, according to the Community and Child Care Standards.

Daily routines are posted in each room as a guide to your child’s/ children’s activities.