Panda’s Approach To Meeting Children’s Needs

Social Needs

Panda children interact with peers and adults; they learn to function as a group member and learn appropriate social behaviour through self-directed activities in all centres.

Physical Needs

Panda children are given the opportunity to use a variety of physical skills in the gross motor and fine motor centres. The program ensures the child has the opportunity for adequate nutrition and rest as required. The centre provides a healthy and safe environment through extensive and observant supervision to ensure safe play. We follow the Alberta Government Health Regulations for Day Cares.

Intellectual Needs

Panda children are given the opportunity to explore, observe, to know and understand objects and events in their environment. They are given every opportunity to develop language skills, both in the use of words and in the skill of listening. These are integrated with the development of social, intellectual, creative, and emotional skills.

Creative Needs

Panda children are given the opportunity for creative expression, creative problem solving, invention, discovery, and experimentation in centres with sand, water, art, science, discovery, carpentry, dramatic play, and manipulative toys.

Emotional Needs

Panda children are respected as individual and unique beings. They are encouraged to develop independence, to take initiative to express their anger appropriately and to cope with frustrations. By emulating staff s role modeling, children learn to become affectionate and caring.