Panda employs a cook who prepares nutritious home cooked meals.We work with a four-week rotating menu, consisting of morning and afternoon snacks and ahot lunch. Menus are posted in each room and by the front entrance. If your childrequires a special diet for cultural or medical reasons, we will do our best to accommodateyou. However, please be advised that we may not be able to supplement everything. Pleasespeak to the director and she will advise you as to what Panda is able to provide and whatyou must supply yourself. Also, please keep in mind that the food that you supply should be nutritious and follow the Canada Food Guide

Peanut Policy

Panda has eliminated peanuts and peanut-based snacks from our menu. We also use non-peanut alternatives wherever possible.

While Panda makes every effort to ensure that meals and snacks are free from peanuts or peanut byproducts, we cannot guarantee that all food purchased from suppliers is completely free from peanut contamination. We cannot be responsible for children or families who may bring peanuts to our centres, or for any residue that may remain on surfaces.

It is extremely important that parents of children with peanut allergies notify the centre inwriting, and provide an epi-pen in case of emergencies.

Parents are reminded that Panda has eliminated peanuts and peanut products because some of the children in our care have serious allergic reactions to these products.While we recognize that this policy might cause some inconvenience to parents, we mustprovide a ‘safe’ learning environment for all children. Please remember to send onlypeanut-free snacks or treats with your child.