Fire Drill Procedures

Panda conducts monthly fire drills, where all children and staff vacate the building from the
closest emergency exit. The fire drill chart, including date and exit times, is posted in the
office for your information.

The emergency and evacuation procedure is approved by the local fire department. Both
forms are posted at all fire exits. The local fire inspector inspects the centre annually.

Panda’s fire drill procedure:

  1. Sound the local alarm.
  2. Call 911, giving the correct address.
  3. One designated staff member in each room collects attendance sheets and emergency
    cards and waits at the nearest exit until all children have evacuated the building. All
    other staff members in the room direct children through the closest exit and away
    from the building, to a designated area.
  4. The cook or cleaning staff assists the infant room in safe evacuation procedure.
  5. The Centre Director checks the washrooms and play centres to ensure all children have
    evacuated, then closes all doors and switches lights off.
  6. All children remain with their group in a designated area away from the building

    1. Attendance is taken.
    2. The director has inspected the building.
    3. The alarm has been shut off.

Evacuation Locations

In the event of a fire, or for any other reason that an evacuation from the centre is required,
Panda has made arrangements with the following locations. See maps below for directions
from your centre. We will attempt to contact you if such an event occurs.

Capitol Hill
General Paint & Wall Paper – 2015 14th St. NW | 403 289 4442


Ranchlands Location
Hawkwood Baptist Fellowship – 20 Hawkwood Dr NW | 403 239 6200