Your Role As A Parent

We believe that parents play an important role in supporting their child in our program. We encourage all parents to become involved.

Here are only some possibilities:

  1. Visiting the program.
  2. Volunteering in the playroom.
  3. Helping the classroom staff on a field trip.
  4. Visiting the program to read a story or sing a song with the children.
  5. Bringing in materials for arts and crafts.
  6. Bringing something of your culture or language to the program (stories, songs, dances, foods, words)
  7. Lending your support to fundraisers.
  8. Continuing at home an activity that your child started at the centre.
  9. Bringing in a birthday cake to help us celebrate your child’s special day.
  10. Participate in dinners, teas, Stampede Breakfast and Christmas Celebration.
  11. Parent meetings.

Research shows that parents who are involved and show enthusiasm for their child’s preschool programs promote their child’s self esteem and reduces discipline problems both at home and at the centre.

You will be given monthly calendars featuring the highlights of the program. Parent newsletters are published quarterly to inform you of upcoming events. A parent information bulletin board is located in each room. These are used to post weekly program, menus, field trips, notices and reminders. On a yearly basis, you will be asked to complete a survey regarding the service we are providing, our programs, facilities, nutrition, and safety. Your input assists us in addressing areas that we need to improve upon in providing the best
preschool environment we can for your child/children.

The director and staff are encouraged to communicate daily with you to inform you of your child’s experiences during the day.

You are welcome to express any concerns or expectations you may have, via meetings with the director and staff. We believe that open communication between you and our staff is essential at our centres.